How To Train Your Cat Successfully – A Simple & Effective Guide

If you are searching for some effective procedures to learn how to train your cat, this simple but detailed guide can help you out. To train your cat, the first thing that you need to learn is, understanding the behavior of your cat. Until or unless you can learn how your cat thinks or behaves, it will be difficult for way to train your cat properly.

Cats are generally known as a very stubborn creature, and they love to live independently unlike dogs, but if you can train then properly, they are also able to learn your way of living. However, you may find it quite difficult to train your cat or it may take quite time to train him/her the way you want. By following our simple guidelines, you can succeed with your cat training at less time.

How To Successfully Train Your Cat?

1. Start To Train Your Cat At Early Age – If you want to train your cat successfully, you must start the training when the cat is very young. An old cat is quite difficult to control. You can teach your little kitten how & when to eat, sleep, pee or play. In the contrary, many people thinks that old cats are easier to train than little cats, but if your cat is small, you cannot just wait her to get old to train. Therefore, it is always better to start training your cat as soon as you adopt it.

2. Behave Like a Mother With Your Cat: It is very obvious that you love your cat, but if you want your cat to learn whatever you teach her, you have to start behaving like a mother to her. You have to love her as well as punish her sometime. You need to learn how to behave with her nicely so that your cat listens to you well. Try to gain her trust & confidence, and your cat will start understanding what you are doing, and it will be easier for you to teach nice behaviors. It may take quite time but you will succeed for sure.

3. Praise Your Cat: Everyone loves to get praised for their good works, and it is not different in case of animals too. If you can tender and praise your cat for the right thing, then it will be faster for you to teach your cat. Don’t show aggressive behavior or don’t shout at your cat if she cannot get what you are teaching. Be polite and praise it whenever he/she learns something from you.

4. Buy Cat Potty Training Kits: If your cat is too small, then it might be impossible for the cat to use the potty box, but as it gets older you can start teaching her to use the potty box. However, there are many potty training kits are also available for the kittens, and you can buy these kits to teach your kitten a good behavior of using potty. You can start by putting the toilet box near to your actual toilet. For first few weeks you may need to give her support, but gradually she will learn to use the potty on her own.

5. Teach Your Cat How To Play: If you want to play with your cat, first off all you have to teach her how to play with you. Don’t get too excited to teach her everything at once. It is always better to start with small lessons, and progress one by one. Once your cat has mastered in one lesson, you can move to the next section, and gradually you can play with her one day.

6. Involve Other People: If you want to train your cat to behave nicely with other people, it is better to involve other people in your training session. If you keep the training session only between you and your cat, it might get difficult for the cat to build a good relationship with other member of your family, and also your family members may find it difficult to control the cat in your absence. That is why you must involve other members of your family in the training session for better relationship building with your lovely kitten.

7. Teach Her Meal Manners: Meal manner is something that you must teach your cat properly in the early stage of training. The mealtime should be fixed, and you should serve the food in the same place in daily basis. Keep the dining area of your cat far from the sleeping area & don’t let her eat whenever & wherever she wants, it will spoil her manner of eating. On the other hand, you also have to make sure that you are feeding her healthy foods to keep her healthy. You should avoid giving scraps & leftovers, as it will break her nutritional value & food habits.

8. Bath & Brush Your Cat Regularly: Bathing & brushing hairs of your cat is a common thing that you must do to keep your cat healthy & clean. You can also use citrus or menthol to care the skin of your cat. Your cat may not like the bathing & brushing at the beginning but gradually she will take these normally.

9. Go For Walk: If you want your cat to learn some good manners, don’t keep her in a boundary. Show her the world outside of your house & go on walk with her at least twice or thrice in a week. It will not only make your cat happy but also it will aid her health too.

10. Keep Patience: If you want to teach your cat everything you want, you have to be very patient on what you are doing. Don’t give up too quickly because it will take time to teach your cat everything that you want. Don’t do any forceful behavior with your cat to teach her something that she doesn’t want. You need to go slowly & politely to make her understand what you want.

Hopefully, you have obtained some positive idea about how to train your cat successfully. Now, you can follow the above steps to successfully teach your cat some good manners. By training your cat, you can give the cat a healthy life & positive environment to live. Moreover, a trained cat is much more fun & entertaining than an untrained cat.

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