Tips to Train Your Dog to Stop Barking

If you know even little about dogs, you would know that it is perfectly natural for dogs to bark, whine and howl. Dogs make sounds in their attempt to communicate with the surrounding humans and to manifest their feelings. Most owners expect their pooches to bark and warm them against any potential danger that could come in the form of a calamity or a theft attempt and cause harm to them. The problem arises when the dogs bark too much. Excessive barking of dogs can be related to a definite behavioral problem of the canine. The only solution to this common problem with pet dogs is to make it understand when to bark and when to keep mum. Needless to say, it is the endeavor of the owner of the dog to train the animal on this.
If you want to control the barking habit of your dog, you will have to start training your dog at the earliest. The more time you take, the more difficult it would become to get the dog trained. While it may prove to be a difficult task initially, but you can teach your dog to react to your commands by following which it would know when to bark and when to be quiet.

The common reasons behind many of the behavioral challenges of dogs are aloneness, monotony, stress or simply the desire to get attention from its master. Many a times, the lack of physical activity and socialization leads to excessive barking. A simple way to avoid these factors is to keep the dog from staying alone and to take it out for a walk or play session every day. You can keep him engaged with dog toys, dog puzzles and exercise routines the whole day. This way, the dog would not feel lonely or bored, and at the same time, it would get some exercise and opportunity to socialize with other animals and fellow canines in the neighborhood.

There are many reasons that could stimulate the dog to bark excessively. It is thus very important that before you take measures to control the barking of dogs, you understand the underlying reason behind such behavior. Once you understand the triggering cause, you would be in better situation to decide on your approach to control the behavior of your darling pet.

The first thing that you need to determine is that does your dog really bark too much? It is obvious that a dog would bark, as that is their only mode of communication. To determine this, you need to keep a watch on the number of times the dog is barking at a stranger. After it barks for a few times, you need to praise him for informing you and then gently instruct him to go silent. If it obeys you and keeps silent, you need to praise him without fail. As a next step of drawing his attention to something else, you can give it a dog treat. Slowly, you need to increase the time before you give the treat to the dog. However, if the dog does not obey you and continues to bark, you need to go stern and raise your voice and make body gestures to show that you are not appreciating the continuous barking. While you would be tough initially, the moment the pooch stops barking, you got to go soft and praise the dog immediately.

This process will certainly take some time to get synced in, but over a period of time, you would be able to train your dog to stop barking once a visitor comes at your house. You need to be consistent during the training as most dog training programs fail due to lack of consistency.

If all attempts to train the dog not to bark have failed, you may finally opt for product based training. The use of dog training collars can prove to be very handy in training your dog to stop barking. These collars are designed to spray citronella into the mouth of the barking dogs. As the animal doesn’t prefer the hissing sound of the spray and the lemony odor of the citronella, it would prefer keeping quite than getting annoyed by the spray. Over a period of time, it would gradually give up its habit of barking and would become the obedient boy of his master.

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