Things To Know Before You Introduce Your New Cat With The Old Cat


Buying a new cat when you already have old cats as pet at home is a challenge. You need to be tactful and strategic to introduce them to each other. This introductory phase has to be dealt carefully, and to avoid mishaps and territorial aggression between the pets, you must get answers to some of these frequently asked questions.


Q1. Are there any safety measures I should take when I introduce the new cat for the first time to my home which already contain the old cats?

Answer. Yes of course. You should follow exactly this safe way described. Try to hide your tamed cats and don’t let the new cat discover them then. Rather let the thing explore the new home only. This is because; behaviorist researchers have found that, cats have the inclination to explore an unknown territory more than to explore other feline residents of the territory. To instigate the new cat to explore the new home and explore it to the fullest, you must therefore let it feel initially for sometime that it’s the only cat there.


Q2. How do I feed the cats? Do I give them the food in one platter or feed them separately?

Answer. Give the new cat some time to adjust. Start feeding the new cat separately from the old ones. Put the new cat in a room with its separate food and water, bed and litter tray, and supplies. Feed it there for a day or two. Next, feed the new and old cats on either sides of the door with their separate food plates. However do not put their food plates too close. With a few passing days, decrease the distance between the plates and gradually bring them the closest but do not open the door yet.


Q3. How long do I feed them separately?

Answer. Not much. After a few days, open the door into a little crack, enough for the old and new cats to see each other. Gradually through passing days, exchange their cat beds. This helps them get familiar with each other’s scents. A cat pheromone called Feliway is available in the market, which you may sprinkle on their beds to help them get in sync slowly.