Things You Should Ask veterinarian About Your Dog health

The owners of the dogs know that their lovely pets are part of their family. And for that reason they are required to be checked up by their doctor like their own kids. So, your puppy is also required to visit his veterinarian on regular basis. You must know how you can get the best things from such visits for your pets health. You can surely get the best through these visits by asking him wide range of questions related to behavioral issues, vaccinations and nutritional requirements of your dog.

If you are worried about any unusual or new problem with your pet then you should surely mention it to your vet in the next visit. But you can still ask some questions to the vet, to cover up basic things, even if your pet is perfectly out of any issue and healthy.

Be prepared

While planning to ask some questions to your vet about your dog you should first of all fix your next visit to him. The best thing you can do in this regard is to call on him to fix an appointment in advance. Though you can also go directly to your vet’s office for routine visit but at times it can be hard for you on the clinics that follow the schedule for their proper working. After entering the clinic of your regular vet you can also inform the technician or receptionist of the vet’s office about the problem that is worrying you. It can be another way to fix your appointment for the next visit with your vet. It will help in alerting your vet before your finally visit him. You will be more prepared for your visit to vet if you ask him to bring along a sample of poop or pee of the dog before starting to his clinic. You should keep such things in your mind while fixing your next appointment with your vet. You should also ensure to bring your pup in a carrier or on a leash so that his vet can examine him thoroughly.

Ask about the vaccinations required for your dog

It can be assumed that you have followed the schedule of vaccination of your pet but is in any case you have not done it or you do not have medical record of your dog or you have recently recued a dog then it is you duty to ensure that he has been vaccinated properly. Moreover it is good for you to ask about the required vaccinations for your dog, at present as well as in the future, from the vet or his clinical staff. You should note the information provided by your vet on your calendar so that you may not forget to schedule it in time.

Ask about the looks of the teeth of your dog

Humans usually brush their teeth two times everyday to keep them clean and hygienic but at the same time they forget to take care of the oral health of their companion with four legs. The most common oral problem that can affect the oral health of an adult pet is gum disease which is among the most preventable problems if cared well in time. Along with brushing the teeth of your dog at home every day dental cleaning from a professional dentist is also necessary for your dog. In other words, your dog will be put under the influence of general anaesthesia so that the vet can check, clean, x-ray and polish his teeth properly without any disturbance or causing pain to your dog.

Ask about the healthy weight of your dog

In order to live a healthy and comfortable life it is important or your dog to have proper weight. But it is not easy to know the right ideal weight of a dog, big or small, as the dog of every breed is unique. But it still it is important to know especially for the breeds which are more likely to have health problems like heart disease, hip dysplasia and arthritis etc. You can ask your vet if he can recommend any exercise or diet plan to help in losing weight, in case your dog needs to drop some extra weight.

Ask about the type of food you can give to your dog

You can ask your vet the brands and types of foods best suitable for your pet as most of the pet foods available on pet stores can be somewhat irresistible.

Ask about the tick and flea medicine you can use for your dog

Living outside most of the times can be sometimes dangerous and annoying for your dog as he can be preyed by the pests for their meal next time. You can ask about the suitable preventive medicines for your dog against heartworm, flea and tick from your vet. Selection of right preventive medicine depends upon various factors including your location, your budget and your lifestyle. You can find various types of preventive medicines for ticks and fleas some of which can be put on the skin, tags or collars worn by your pet whereas some in the form of pills which they have to swallow.

Ask about the normal condition of your pet

Now you can ask your vet whether your pet behaves perfectly or shows some signs that need some health care processes. Your vet may refer you to a vet behaviorist, a qualified trainer or recommend some treatment if there is something wrong in his behavior. Some of the commonly observed behavioral problems in dogs may include anxiety, aggression, urine marking and lots of barking etc.

Ask about the cost of entire check up of your dog

You should also ask your vet about the cost of specialized as well as routine tests of your dog before availing them. You must ensure to understand the need each test and its fee for the better health of your dog.

So, you should not afraid of asking questions to your veterinarian about your pets health because he is there to help him to live a long life comfortably.

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