Importance of Dentists for Your Pets !!

You may or may not believe that dental care like humans is also required for pets. In order to take care of the teeth of the pets it is important to take them to veterinary specialists or dentists.

There are chances that you have to take your pet dog or cat to a veterinarian if they have problems like broken tooth or bad breath. You may be referred to visit a dentist for pets in your area after getting your pet checked by its regular vet doctor. The specialized veterinarians that work particularly on the teeth of the animals of both kind, wild and domesticated, can be suitable for your pets.

The dentists for pets regularly examine various types of patients every day. Dogs, cats, rabbits along with tigers, monkeys and elephants and other pets and exotic animals usually visit frequently the dental offices of this type. Normally for a specialized dental veterinarian no animal is too large or too small to work on.

Teeth-cleaning is one of the most common works performed by these dentists. Animals also need occasional cleaning of their teeth like humans. Though the animals need not visit their dentists regularly like humans but still they require occasional cleaning of their teeth. Usually dentists recommend offering them treats and special toys to chew after cleaning their teeth to maintain the health of their gums and teeth. While taking dental care of animals, pet and wild, preventive medicines play important role.

Cats and dogs can suffer from some of the common tooth ailments like plaque build-ups as experienced by their human companions. Their teeth can be brought back to the normal condition only with the help of a veterinarian who has specialized in vet dentistry. You should fix an appointment with your veterinarian if you suspect that your dog is feeling problem in eating his food due to tooth decay, gum disease or plaque build up. It can be possible that special diet plan will be suggested for your pet after cleaning its teeth. Teeth problems can be found more in older pets particularly, so while putting them on new diet plan you should monitor them carefully.

Cats and dogs can also occasionally suffer from the problem of broken tooth like humans. Some accident like hit by a car etc. can be the main reason of the broken teeth of pets. This is an equally painful condition for humans, wild animals as well as pet animals. But animals can chew their food from other side of their mouth to adjust to broken tooth. Some of them may not change their behaviour noticeably unless the broken tooth gets swollen or abscessed. If you are worried about chewing style of your pet or he has a broken tooth then you should immediately fix an appointment with your vet before the problem becomes uncontrollable.

Certain serious illnesses like tumours, cancers and lesions in the mouth of the pets can also be some of the reasons of their dental problems. Monitoring the life of your pet on daily basis can be the best way to monitor these kinds of illnesses to check their further development. They should be fine in health if they are drinking, eating and digesting their food regularly. You can easily detect any problem in their health if any change in their daily routine is observed.

Symptoms of dental problems in animals

You can recognise the oral problem of your pet with the help of some of the most common signs provided here under.

Bleeding gums

Yellow-brown tartar

Bad breath

Inflamed and red gums

Problem in dropping or chewing the food while trying to eat it

Change in eating habits

Excessive drooling

Rubbing the face on the furniture or floor

Pawing the mouth

Pet dental care tips normally suggested by the vet dentists

Train your pet: While starting the dental care of your pet you should train it to be familiar to handling of its mouth, gums and teeth by you. While checking its mouth you should dip your fingers in something tasty for it so that it can lick them in the mean time. You can rub its teeth and gums to clean them as it becomes gradually familiar to your fingers in its mouth. After few sessions it will start enjoying your efforts.

Arrange toothbrushes for your pet: During dental care of your pet it is important to have right tools like toothbrushes. You should use toothbrushes specially made for pets instead of humans. These brushes have different types of handles to reach easily throughout inside their mouth to brush it. Some small brushes are also available in the market which you can wear on your fingers to brush their teeth more easily.

Arrange dog toothpaste: You should also buy toothpaste made especially for dogs instead of humans as later one can upset their stomach. These toothpastes are available in various flavors including chicken or beef. So you can buy according to the taste of your dog to use them during their hygienic dental care sessions.

Frequency to brush: Depending upon the condition of the gums and teeth of your dog you can decide about the frequency of brushing its teeth. Normally you should brush its teeth at least once in a week. But you can increase it to twice a week if your dog has plaque development easily. In case of periodontal problems you can brush its teeth every day.

Check up routine: You should check the oral health of your dog at least once a week. It will help you to know about its oral problems before they take a serious turn. You should check its gums by lifting its lips and odor of the breath. If its gums are red or white instead of pink or its breath has offensive odor even after your routine cleaning then you should immediately take it to your veterinarian dentist for proper treatment.

Though it may sound ridiculous to find dentist for your pet but regular check up of its gums and teeth can help in maintaining its overall health.

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