how human foods could create serious health problem to the loved cat

Though we might not agree to this, there is no doubt that that we are all guilty of ill treating our pet animals at some point in time. Ill treatment need not necessarily in the form of beating or tormenting the pet or creating traumatic situations for it. Feeding it with indiscreet food is perhaps one of the most common way by which we can ill treat our pets. We often have the habit of feeding our pet cats with leftover pet and pride in the fact that we are being considerate to it and are treating it with compassion and kindness. Actually we might be doing exactly the opposite through such a move. There are better ways by which we can show our love for these animals and we will learn more about this. We will try and know more about this practice and how human foods could be toxic to cats and could create serious health problem to the loved pets. We may not be doing it on purpose but the fact of the matter is that many cats have landed into serious health problems because they are fed with leftover human foods which are almost as feeding them with slow poison.

How To Overcome This Problem
There are ways and means by which this problem can be solved and tackled. The first thing is to train the pet cat to be away from the dining table when you, your family or even friends and relatives are eating. This is not only good manners but could also prevent the various problems which come associated with it. You do not want company especially when you are with friends and relatives and you do not want your loved pet cat begging for cat and moving around the legs of your guests. This could be highly embarrassing to say the least. While there is no doubt that there is embarrassment and good manners and other such thing, there is an important health aspect as far as the cat is concerned. We will talk about it over the next few lines and find out how developing table manners for the cat could help in more ways than one.

Let Us Look At Some Examples

You could be having a tasty turkey for dinner along with your family members. Naturally turkey comes with gravy and you feed a piece of turkey soaked in gravy to your loving cat. While you may be doing it with all good intentions you actually will be harming the cat as far its health is concerned. this is because, gravies come with broth made from onions and other root based vegetables. If you ask any veterinarian he or she will certainly mention that these types of root based vegetable preparations are a strict no as far as cats are concerned. Further raw potatoes and green tomatoes can also be harmful to your cat. Hence when peeling off potatoes be sure that your pet cat does not get to eat the peeled skin with potatoes sticking on it. Green tomatoes are also harmful because they contain toxic product which are not safe for cats. Ripe tomatoes can be given and they are safe.

It is a known fact that animals and chocolates do not go together. It is extremely bad both for cats and dogs and therefore should be kept away from them at all points of time.


We often come across many movies and also read quite a number of comics and books where cats have been fed on milk. There are now many studies to prove that milk may not be exactly useful for cats because it has some elements in it which might cause toxicity. Hence it would be advisable to keep cats away from milk to the maximum extent possible. Though they may not be toxic it does not serve any purpose to give cats milk when other types and variants of nutritious and safe foods are available. There could be some side effects, which though not life threatening, might make your feline pets highly uncomfortable. There are many cats which are lactose intolerant and this lead to upset stomach, diarrhea and a host of other digestive tract related issues. Hence it would be intelligent to keep your cat away from milk. In fact there are other alternatives which are considered better than milk for cats. Amongst a few such options, you could try out what is referred to as Catsip. They are available in almost all supermarkets. They are rich in nutrition. Hence if you love your pet cat you must give this rather than giving it milk.

Grapes & Raisins
Grapes and raisins are also food items which could cause harm to your cats. It has been researched and found that it has some ingredients which could adversely impact the health of cats. That is perhaps the reason why ASPCA has recommended that these two foods should not be given to cats under any circumstances.

So How To Go About It
Hence when you see your cat coming begging to you it would be advisable to give him or her something that has been made for cats. There are endless amounts of options available and if you look around it should not be a much of a problem to identify a few such food items. This will not only keep the cat happy and engaged but it also will help you to have peaceful night’s sleep. This is because you can be sure that you are not feeding any toxic food item to your cat and compromising its health and well being in any manner whatsoever.
We must bear in mind that pets repose complete faith and confidence in their masters. Hence we have the additional responsibility to ensure that our actions live up to the confidence that they have reposed on us. We should not be doing something which will cause them pain and if we do so we will be betraying the trust they have placed on us as human beings.

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