Which Breed You Should Adopt: A Serious Decision

All over the world there are hundreds of breeds of the dogs and they are classified on the basis of their breeds. Mainly dog breeds can be classified into two breeds include pure breed and hybrid or mixed breed. This classification does not make dogs of hybrid breed inferior or less important to the dogs of pure breed.

Before adopting a dog and giving him a home it is a matter of general research to know its breed. In this way the importance of researching a dog before adopting him is no less than the importance of knowing the breed of that dog. The research of the breed of a dog is equally important to the commitment made by a person before taking a decision in this regard. Knowing the breed of the dog is also important because people usually abandon, leave or send their dogs to some shelter after sometime if they adopt a dog without knowing its breed.

If you do not know what happens to your dog when you send it to some shelter then this write-up can provide you some helpful information in this regard. After being kept for few days in the shelters these dogs are normally murdered like humane or euthanized. Your search for the information of breed of the dog ensures the seriousness of your commitment about selecting a dog to keep it your companion throughout your life instead of compelling him to cruel death or betraying the trust of the pet. So dear friends you are not sure about adopting a dog then you should never think in this direction.

It is completely important to know the breed of the dog before adopting as each breed has its own characteristics. If a housekeeper knows the breed of the dog he/she is adopting then it can be easier for him/her to accept the dog in reality. You will know who will be the friend of your children by knowing the type of breed of your adopted dog. Along with the type of breed of your dog you should also know the breeds of the dogs that are hypoallergenic or shed their allergies in your home.

How to decide that you are ready to adopt a dog?

Before making a decision for adopting a dog and bringing him in your family the first thing you must know that you are ready to take this step in your life. Before making this decision you should be able and willing to provide food, shelter, care and love to the one you have adopted. There are certain things that can help you in knowing your preparedness in this regard like:

Reasons to add new member in your family: You should consider the existing members in your family including elders, children and other pets you have in your family before complementing it with the addition of a new member.

Your lifestyle: Before deciding to adopt a dog you should think about your activity level and routine work schedule as a new addition in your family will require his portion of time for proper attendance from your routine. You will have to accompany him in his outdoor activities along with your own outdoor activities for which you were looking for a companion.

Can you spare time for your pet: While deciding to adopt a dog you should consider how much time you can spare for him as he will have to remain alone if you have busy work schedule or active out of your home most of the time. you cannot leave a dog alone most of the time of the day if you have a younger pet who has to be trained, who needs medical care or who gets anxious if left alone for longer time even though some dogs are comfortable to be alone for longer time. In such situation you will have to keep in some shelter during emergency.

Your affordability: Adopting a pet can increase your budget as you will have to bear the cost of his supplies, medical care and food along with other requirements to keep your companion happy and healthy. According to various reports an average cost of adopting a dog may vary from $1200 to $2000 per annum along with the fee of his adoption.

Stability of your home life: If your own home life is not stable or you tend to move or change your job or residence frequently then how you can manage the connectivity of your pet with the new environment. Usually, animals that have lived harder life before adoption like to have a stable life after adoption to feel and enjoy a confident and secure life.

Most of the animals unfortunately do not get the care and love they deserve throughout their life. Such animals mostly end up their life in some animal control facilities like rescue groups or shelters in wait of some companion who can adopt them forever. They may have to face homelessness forever, if not adopted, as they might have been abandoned, surrendered, neglected or abused by their previous owners. So while making a decision to bring such animals to your home you should not take it lightly or take spontaneous decision.

Your decision should be based on your commitment to take the responsibility of a life and your research about the breed of the dog you want to adopt. When you are planning to adopt a dog of exotic breed then you should not show it to your neighbours as a trophy you should introduce him as your companion and friend as shown by the dog with you. You should never think of abandoning him. You can be a responsible owner of a dog if you know the strange things about his breed and are prepared to accommodate him in your family with all of his peculiarities otherwise you will be considered as an irresponsible owner. A person who brings a dog into his family thoughtlessly or without understanding the characteristics and peculiarities of his breed will be an irresponsible owner of an adopted dog

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