9 Dog Eye Conditions Every Pet Owner Should Be Aware Of

Based on a study many people don’t bother about the well-being of their dog’s eyes, but there are many things which can go drastically wrong with your pet’s eyes. You can find them in the list given below.


Have a look at these 9 dog eye conditions:

1- Entropion:


A pet dog that is having entropion will usually squint and get a lot of discharge from their affected eyes. Many times it is seen that they have sensitivity to light particularly when your dog is out. Some other symptoms of entropion include eye inflammation, sagging of skin near the eye, an eye tic, and in worst situations rupture of cornea. In many cases there is just a little bit annoyance but in severe cases it causes eye ulcerations, pain, scarring and lastly loss of eye sight.

2 – Cataracts:


It is a form of blue cloud of different degrees in the capsule that homes the lens of eye. Cataract can affect very slowly or they can even come very quickly and leads to blindness in a few weeks or days. It is often inherited in dogs. Cataracts can be caused by toxicity from drugs, diabetes and pest preventives, trauma to the eye, and nutritional lack in small puppies. If your pet is said to have cataract some less problematic one will be checked regularly to check if it is progressing. Usually anti inflammatory drops are prescribed. However if your dog’s eye is affected, his/her life becomes compromised and cataracts progresses rapidly and surgery is suggested to get back the vision.


3 – Progressive retinal atrophy:


It is said to be an inherited disease which causes pet dogs to lose their vision over a time of months to years. Progressive retinal atrophy is usually seen in border collies, Irish setters, cocker spaniels, schnauzers, Norwegian elkhounds and poodles. The retina of the eye that is at the back of the eye is made of rods that see cones and lights which perceive color. Generally the cones and rods mature with time and a dog reaches over 12 weeks age, however in some dogs they don’t get matured and start to degenerate at a small age.