5 Most-Effective Commands You Must Teach Your Loving Dog

Though a dog necessarily needs proper training, it does not guarantee the ideal balance in the dog. Simple commands can help an owner tackle behavioral problems in dogs, both existing problems and and the ones that appear in the later stages of a dog’s life. If the dog knows a few basic commands, these complications can be handled efficiently.

While a lot of dog owners are confused about the methods, the majority of them are hardly aware of the procedures involved. Though professionals are available, they are not really required. With regularity and the right attitude an owner can easily teach his dog these basic commands. It even develops the bond between the dog and the owner and has many other advantages.

Let us look at five basic commands that you can teach your dog.



Though this is one of the simplest commands, it is also the most important one as it is essential for the dog to learn this command properly before he moves on to other complicated ones. Here are the steps you should follow while teaching your to dog to obey this order.

Use a treat to lure the dog’s attention.

Hold the treat up in the air so that the dog follows it with his bottom facing the floor.

And as soon as the dog gets in the desired position, you need to gently say sit and offer the treat to your dog. Show the dog some love at the end to let him know that he got it right.

The method needs to be repeated regularly until the dog picks it up. Experts encourage owners to try this during the dog’s mealtime and even on walks. There are situations when an owner needs his to his dog to be seated calmly, and this trick is a good way to teach the dog to follow this command.



Owners often face difficulties with keeping dogs on the leash during their walks and even when the dogs run out of the front door. The ��come’ command is absolutely essential in such situations and it helps the owner in various other situations. Let us look at the steps you need to follow while teaching your dog to follow the ��come’ command.

Put the dog on a leash and get down to the level of the dog.

Look into the dog’s eyes , say come and offer a gentle pull on the leash.

When the dog reaches you, reward him with some love or even some food.

After repeating the method a few times, the owner should try this without the leash in safe surroundings